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Stick a Stake in the Ground instead of Hedging Your Bets.


If you have ever been comparative shopping for a brand-new lawn mower or perhaps a new smartphone, chances are you have asked the person serving you for their own personal recommendation.

Since they are acutely aware that if they make a choice that is different to the one you may be thinking of, they may not get the sale, and so they hedge their bets a little. “Both smartphones are great, so it’s your personal choice” really isn’t what you want to hear.

“I would go with this model because it has X Y and Z” makes more sense and is what you want to hear – an answer with conviction and facts behind it enabling you to make an informed decision. By giving you a definite answer, it shows that they have actually listened to what you want and know that you will be pleased with their choice. That strong voice is all you need to feel good in your own decision-making.

Turn that on its head to fit your business. How do you or your sales team respond to such a question? Do you hedge your bets a little or stick a stake in the ground with conviction?

Our Tip: When you are asked for your opinion, make sure that you give the answer that you truly believe is the right one for them – they will thank you for making the decision with them.

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